GLOBAL HEALTH research & design

Hello! This is our team and what motivates each of us with the work that we are doing. I hope that we can inspire others to join our team or other efforts that work toward impactful causes.


Olivia Ott | Team Co-Founder & Team Co-Leader
Major & Year: 4th year - Bioengineering: Biotechnology


Hello! I started this team through AMSA at UCSD with my good friend Caroline because I believe in the benefit of applying engineering design thinking to health and medicine. Particularly in terms of global health, the engineering design process has great implications for solving unmet global health needs. Additionally, I believe in the importance of an engineering problem solving perspective in the medical field and hope to foster this type of thinking in the future doctors who are a part of the GHR&D team!

Fun Fact: Every pet that I have owned has been male and it’s not purposeful at all!

Caroline Sheikhzadeh | Team Co-Founder & Team Co-Leader
Major & Year: 4th year - Bioengineering: Biotechnology


My life aspirations have always been centered around improving health and wellness in  underserved populations, whether that be in the United States or abroad. That’s what motivated me to form this team! Experiencing college as a pre-med bioengineer has helped me appreciate the perspectives of both life science and engineering minds, and dipping my toes into both worlds is extremely beneficial when faced with solving dynamic health-related problems. However, most clinicians are not taught the engineering design process and how to properly approach identified needs to reach a feasible solution. So my friend and colleague, Olivia, and I teamed up to start this team to bridge that gap for pre-meds at UC San Diego. I’ve been with AMSA since freshman year, and I have been so excited to accomplish such meaningful work with our members. 

Fun Fact: I’m left handed but sometimes I don’t know which way is left.

Minhee Yang | Contact Liaison 
Major & Year: 2nd year - Human Biology

I became interested in global health because I wanted to help those who don’t have access to the same resources as we do. I realized that even within the same city, some people don’t have the privilege of an affordable health plan and can’t meet their needs. I joined this team to learn more about the diversity in health of each community and how even as undergraduates we can make a positive impact in them.

Fun Fact: I enjoy any sport except soccer because I can’t use my hands. 

Irene Minas | Contact Liaison
Major & Year: 4th year - Human Biology (Minor in Middle East Studies)


I joined this team because I am interested in assisting underserved communities who have a lack of access to certain healthcare resources. I think it is important that every individual around the world has access to adequate healthcare and resources. Global health is an area where I can contribute my skills and knowledge to help others and gain a better understanding of different communities around the world.

Fun Fact: One interesting fact about me is that I enjoy painting.

Lynette Loo | Principal Editor
Major & Year: 1st year - Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience (Minor in Computer Science)


I believe that global health is important because of its multi-faceted approach to improving health outcomes and decreasing health disparities around the world. I’m excited to be a part of this team because it is an opportunity for me to provide healthcare resources to communities that need it the most. 

Fun Fact: In my free time, I enjoy singing and horseback riding.

Hana Sung | Writer
Major & Year: 2nd year - Cognitive Science: Neuroscience  


I joined this team because I believe that in this increasingly globalized world, it is important that we work towards improving the circumstances of and access to healthcare resources across the globe. I trust our mission and process of taking interdisciplinary approaches to solving global health issues.

Fun Fact: I am trilingual (English, Mandarin, Japanese) and have gone to school in three countries which each teach in those three languages.

Setu Shiroya | Writer

Major & Year: 3rd year - Human Biology



I believe it is important to understand healthcare in a more international and interdisciplinary context, and improve health for populations. That is why I am interested in global health. Outside of class, I research brain development in children and tutor students.


Fun Fact: In my free time, I like playing volleyball and videogames. 

Romina Vahedizadeh | Team Member

Major & Year: 1st year - General Biology



I joined this team because I really wanted to understand the research process as well as get involved in something bigger than myself. I hope to have a positive impact on others’ lives. Healthcare is something I have always been interested in; I believe it is a basic human right and necessity. The team’s determination comes from wanting to help others and I can really see this in every meeting we have. I am proud to be part of this team and everything it stands for. 


Fun Fact: One interesting fact about me is that I sage my room way too often. 

Seshu Mallina | Team Member
Major & Year: 1st Year - Biology: Bioinformatics 

I joined this team because I want to gain and develop skills in global health to help me become a better physician-scientist. I believe global health is important because I want to learn how to prevent the development of recurring diseases and limit the number of people who get ill. 

Fun Fact: Something interesting about me is that I received the opportunity to play on the Golden State Warriors home court.

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