PREMED Resources


Although having a strong academic record is not everything, it can be a sign of diligence and show that you are ready to face the rigorous curriculum in medical school. Most of these resources are free, so use them to your advantage!​

  • MCAT

    • A 7.5 hour exam that consists of four sections: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

    • UCSD courses

      • Highly recommended:

        • ​General Chemistry series (CHEM 6A,B,C)

        • Organic Chemistry series (CHEM 40A,B)

        • Physics (PHYS 1,2,3)

        • Biochemistry

        • Biology course

      • Optional but helpful:

        • Sociology (SOCI 70)

        • Psychology course​​

    • Free resources

      • ​Reddit (r/mcat)

        • Premade Anki decks​

          • Popular decks: Miledown, Jacksparrow, Ortho528, Rebopbebop​

      • Khan Academy 

        • CARS passages (Jack Westin simulates the real MCAT interface)

        • P/S:80pg or 300pg doc

        • Youtube videos

      • BluePrint

        • ½ diagnostic + 1FL

      • MCAT 101

        • ​Subscribe to their email newsletter to get free passage practices that they’ll go over in a live tutoring session. They also have a 4 month prep course at $15

      • MCAT Self Prep​​

      • Non-free resources​

        • ​Prep books (Kaplan/TPR/Examkrackers)

          • Comes with additional online practice questions + FLs

        • UWorld

          • Pricey (~$300), but recommended by a lot of mcat takers

        • AAMC question packs + FLs

          • Pricey but AAMC FLs are a MUST



  • AMSA-based resources

    • Hospice

      • We are partnered with Silverado Memory Care to allow our volunteers to experience caring for elderly dementia patients through their last stages of life. Normally, our volunteers visit their patients; however, we do not want to jeopardize our patients’ health any more than they already are. For the time being, we will be writing them letters to help support them through this time. 

    • ​Preuss School Tutoring

      • Preuss School is a UCSD charter school that serves the underserved students of San Diego! If you are interested, email Hannah at

    • ​Feeding SD

      • Feeding San Diego connects the underserved community by providing over 26 million meals every year. As a volunteer, you will be sorting food in their warehouse to contribute to their weekly donation drives. 

    • Habitat for humanity

    • ​You see you program

      • Volunteer to mentor San Diego high school students about career exploration, college readiness and tips, and other guidance. 









AMSA/UCSD- based resources​

  • PUMA with UCSD


    • Admissions Committee backed information on the entire application process, advice from current medical students, MCAT tutoring, and dedicated personal statement review.

  • PAMS

    • Current medical students from UCSD SOM meet once a month to give advice and application help to UCSD undergraduates





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