PREMED Resources


Although having a strong academic record is not everything, it can be a sign of diligence and show that you are ready to face the rigorous curriculum in medical school. Most of these resources are free, so use them to your advantage!​


Clinical experiences can be an effective way of experiencing what it's actually like on the job and see if it aligns with your interests!


Learn how you can help the community and volunteer at places like Feeding San Diego, Habitat for Humanity, Hospice, and so many other places!


As a research university, UCSD is the perfect place for you to become involved in research. It can be an opportunity to pursue your interests outside of class!

medical school application

Medical school applications can be daunting for many of us, but AMSA provides a lot of resources to help you along your journey!


Although not required, gap years can be beneficial for many people, whether it be improving your GPA, getting more clinical experience with a full-time job, becoming more involved in research, or just taking some time for yourself!

cracking med school admissions 

Dr. Rizal has invaluable resources for medical school admissions. Her "How To.." blogs and Med School Workbooks are definitely a must-read!


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