Caroline Sheikhzadeh

Major: Bioengineering

Year: 3rd Year

Aorta Family Head

I am from the Bay Area (East Bay), studying Bioengineering-Biotechnology here at UCSD. I am a 3rd year Warren College student, and have been apart of AMSA since my 1st year. Just from looking at me, some can easily see I am multicultural, something that has been important for my identity and cultivated my love for travel and exploring other cultures. Family and friends are also a large part of my life, and I tend to surround myself with those I can lift up just as much as they do for me, which is one of the reasons I joined AMSA in the first place. I'm pretty outgoing and love meeting new people so feel free to reach out!



I love exploring photography in my free time. I mainly do portrait photography, as well as event photography for the UCSD Musician's Club. I also enjoy travelling, working out, attending Persian and Chinese cultural events, and eating joojeh kabob with saffron rice.

Future Career Goal:

Pediatric Orthopedics

Fun fact:

I don't eat chocolate. I can sometimes tolerate small amounts of certain milk chocolates, but I cannot take a single bite of dark chocolate w/out my taste buds putting out stop signs.



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