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AMSA Anatomical Stickers

Need a sticker for that empty hydroflask or laptop? We have some amazing anatomical design stickers! We now have stickers both with and without the AMSA logo. Feel free to share with any of your friends who are not a part of AMSA but are still interested in purchasing anatomical stickers!

And more!

This is currently our only fundraiser. Please stay tuned for more!


Welcome to AMSA at UCSD! As a nationally-recognized pre-health organization, we strive to facilitate the growth of our future doctors and health professionals. We do so by providing opportunities to explore various sectors of medicine, establish professional and social networks, and become leaders in our community. We are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming to students of all identities and backgrounds so you can find a home here at AMSA.


- Gabriella, AMSA President


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